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EnerChi Vibes

This in-depth brand design was created using the values of Marlene, owner of EnerChi Vibes and the study of sacred geometry. Due to its unique nature, we’ve created a fuller case study that you can enjoy, here.

The Bluegate Potter

The brand we’ve established for The Bluegate Potter has been designed to instill the qualities of this emerging creative company.

The Bluegate Potter’s range of ceramics are made from clay dug from the farm on which they’re situated – this blend of rural, local, and ethical is what we’ve looked to encapsulate with the sigature blue gate design. In addition, the british made mentality is something we’ve built into the gave with a subtle, though recognisable, Union Flag shape within the gate.

For text, we’ve looked to distinct typography with clear readability. The primary font features a wealth of ligatures to offer an almost unlimited range of options we can bring to the advertising materials and website as the company develops, not to mention a distinctive wordmark.

The secondary font is a basic serif on the surfact, but has a great structure that presents itself in block text and taglines.

In addition to the primary logo configuration, the gate graphic alone, and the wordmark, there is also a series of gate icons (one icon available in each of the colours of the brand, along with black and white).

This icon combines the alpha silhouette of the gate shape (including thegrasses) with the TBP initials in the signature font used. This icon is the only point at which the initials are used, as regular use would lean in a far too corporate direction, however, initials mounted onto farm gates is not unusual in practise.

Beyond the use of this colour scheme and graphic elements are a set of 4 acrylic paint effects which we’ve used sporadically throughout the brand. The goal here is to add texture on deep colour or features to emphasise the rustic elements of The Bluegate Potter.

The Digital Lark

The Digital Lark specialise in providing digital marketing solutions and strategies to help drive your business forward online. They will work closely with you to understand your needs and goals and then advise the best techniques to achieve them. Their passion lies at helping small to medium size businesses and start ups boost their online presence. Whether that’s by increasing bottom line or building a loyal following.

Similar to Orangereel, TDL helps businesses become more visible online. Building professional websites and social media profiles, so your business is in the right place at the right time (when your customers are ready to buy, browsing online!).

Cobain Exteriors

Cobain Exteriors is a company born of the pandemic. When long-time client Danny’s events business was side-lined, he lived up to his entrepreneurial spirit and branched out into a direction that was open.
The company provides a range of pressure washing and window cleaning to Danny’s own high standards. We branded this with a feeling of fun professionalism. The colours and reflective layers give a Web 2.0 feel, with a burst of colour.

Happy Pet Sitting

‘My sitting service is a great alternative to place your pet in a cattery or kennel. Especially felines which tend to get naturally stressed. Your pet will be much happier in the familiarity and comfort of its own environment. Your pet will be provided with love and companionship with exceptional care.’

Sonia – Happy Pet Sitting

Fempreneur Academy

The Fempreneur Academy branding has been built as a two-part design. Firstly, the stand-alone brand featuring the primary logo, and secondly the Ursula Garrett personal branding attachment. They’ve been created to work independently and in conjunction with each other.

We’ve used a soft spring-centric colour palette to keep the materials fresh and attractive without reaching for anything too loud. A priority was to create something which would utilise the prestige delivered by Ursula Garretts own business and entrepreneurial experience without resorting to the more “stuffy” institutionalised brands.

The second line of thought when creating the brand was of simplicity. With the breadth of activities, an organisation like the Fempreneur Academy takes on, the range of marketing materials need to appeal to a cross-section of demographics. The simplicity of this brand allows for a range of design styles and colour palettes to be used in addition to the brand, paving the way to a larger number of women seeking success from their self-employment.

Night Owl Apartments

The Night Owl Logo concept has been developed to closely meet the needs and desires of the company’s owner and managing director. This injection of personal preference gives the brand an iconic and versatile logo which sees itself easily fit into the moulds of other brands.

The colour palette used hints towards the rich depth of metallics and golds, without making the all-too-often-made mistake of attempting to replicate a digital gold effect. However, when mixed with high-end print techniques such as foiling, the brand will reflect against the gold brilliantly.

The use of the split icon helps to balance the light and dark colour palettes of the logo, each married by a gold outline to unite the style – though not a blatant representation.
Over the course of the brand’s development, the key has been simplistic sophistication, allowing a versatility which is hard to manufacture inorganically.

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