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site de rencontre pour ado de 14 a 18 ans When I first started in professional social media, businesses had Facebook profiles - there were no pages, MySpace was the must-have platform and the best advertising opportunities were on FaceParty.  Hardly the golden age of online platforms - and the closest you could get to insights was counting friends and seeing who ranked you in favourites!

go here Of course, those days are long since passed and today's online options are a 3D labyrinth of exposure and advertising that your average business owner cannot be expected to have studied enough to navigate professionally!  The ever growing platforms with fluid demographics mean most small businesses try to post on Facebook regularly, respond to messages as quickly as possible, remember to post on twitter every month or so, and whilst they know they should be doing something with the other top 4... they're just not too sure what, let alone how to find the time. That's why we're here.  Orange Reel studies the demographics and trends of each social media platform so that we know when companies are targeting 14-20-year-olds that Tumblr is more effective than Facebook.  We know that twitter leads are one of the best for conversion rates and whilst LinkedIn may be the most expensive platform to advertise on, they also have the highest ROI for high-skilled recruitment.

watch As with all of our work, there are no one-size fits all! systems.  We curate the right posts for each platform, employ advertising strategies which run alongside free posts allowing us to capitalise on everyday engagement.  Our campaigns follow insights and trends for your profiles, allowing us to adapt for best results where necessary.

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{SCOpenGraph image=} {SCOpenGraph title=Social Media Management | Orange Reel} {SCOpenGraph description=Ever feel like social media is a full-time job, yet still doesn't seem to be hitting the mark? Orange Reel's host of Social Media management services, allow you to sit back and reap the social rewards of our actions}

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