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enter site Before we go into the details of what our typical branding package includes, let's just be clear about what branding is, and how it differs from the logo or a brand:

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  • Logo A logo is a visual icon for the company or organisation. Sometimes this is the form of a symbol - such as the McDonalds "M" or the Nike Check Mark, at others it's the full name of the company, as with Coca-Cola or Amazon.

  • Brand

    A brand is a far less tactile thing. It is the perception of the organisation in the eyes of their clients, customers, partners, and the general public. Ever hear terms like "protect the brand" or "represent the brand"? This is what they refer to - a bad business decision or the wrong tweet can cause people to think negatively of your brand. Simultaneously, community activism or charity support can increase the good will of that perception

  • Branding

    Branding is a culmination of these things - it's absolutely everything between an organsation and their customers, partners and the public. Naturally this starts with things like the logo and quickly evolves to include their marketing and advertising, social media engagement (or lack of), and everything they put out into the world.

So this article is about our branding package (which includes the logo), and together with a Branding Strategy consultation will create the entirety of your brand.

The features and aspects of a branding package will depend on the individual client - because we use a unified approach, so not every business needs labels for wax or branded caps!  Below is a general overview of what a branding package includes.



The primary logo with variations for different layouts, sizes and representations (i.e. a single colour version, horizonal version, icon only etc)

Print Design

Branding Guidelines

This is a document that details the brand representation including logo appearance, font usage, colour palettes and colour codes.

Print Design

Business Card Design

Usually 2-sided, adaptable to multiple uses and staff members

Print Design

Contact Card

Usually a compliment slip or correspondance card, depending on the business

Print Design

Invoice Template

Either document template, invoice pad design or print design

Print Design

Letterhead Design

Usually A4, double sided - we suggest lithoprint but can design for inkjet/laserjet

Print Design

Flyer Design

The type depends on the business - sometimes a cheaply distributed A5 promo, others a more professional products list.

Print Design

Banner Design

Horizontal mesh or vertical roller banner.


Fully Editable Website

Responsive and adaptable website - vastly different depending on client needs.


SEO Boost

We perform a range of enhancements to your website and its pages to enhance SEO


SSL Certificate

Reassure your clients and enhance your Google ranking with a security certificate


Domain & Hosting

For 1 year - £30 per year thereafter.

Social Media

Profile and Cover Images

For 3 social media platforms of choice

Social Media

Promotional Graphics

For targetted social media ads

Social Media

Social Media Strategy

A social media breakdown and analysis to enhance your brands reach and perception


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